Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Have too much things to do and too little time? Yes, we all sometimes feel that the day is too short to get everything done, not to mention finding time for yourself. But don’t despair. Take small steps to minimize the effects of stress, live a happier life and improve your health and well-being:

The Great Outdoors

An average person spends around 9 hours sitting whether on the sofa, at work or while commuting. Put together 9 hours of sitting and at least 7 hours of sleeping. How much time do you then spend on your feet? So next time you sit on the sofa and turn on the TV, think about turning it off and go for a walk instead.

Glorious Sunshine

Soak up the sun while you are outside. When exposed to the sun’s rays, your body produces vitamin D which is not only good for your bones but may also protect you against some types of cancer, heart disease and depression. Be sure, however, to avoid direct sunlight exposure between 10 am and 4 pm when the radiation is the strongest.

Live Longer

Many scientists are convinced that this 4-step plan add years to your life.

So if you want to live longer, stick to this plan.

Avoid Salt

You should not eat more than 6 grams (one teaspoon) of salt a day. Why? Because too much salt raises your blood pressure which in turn puts you at increased risk of stroke and heart disease. In addition to adding less salt to your meals, be sure to avoid foods with high sodium content as well.

Hug Your Loved Ones

Believe it or not, but embracing friends and family lowers blood pressure. A study has shown that hugging triggers the released of the hormone oxytocin which reduces anxiety, stress and blood pressure. Besides, hugs are free and feel good.


Laughter lowers stress hormones. It relaxes your muscles and eases anxiety and fear. Smile and see the brighter side of life. Turn embarrassing moments into fun and laugh at yourself. Seize any chance you get to laugh. Watch a comedy, read something funny, play with children, have fun with your pets or whatever makes you laugh and feel good.